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Leading Distributor in The U.A.E.

  • Reusable

  • Foldable

  • Light Weight

  • Multi-Function 

  • Easy Assembly



LIGHT WEIGHT                  :



EASY ASSEMBLY                :


Easy attachment of graphics lights and shelves.

Use Aluminum-Alloy bridge-frame, Compact, Elegant,

Small-measurement, Convenient for shipping.

Easy and fast set-up

Versatile Connecting for different designs.

The Easy Truss Display System is came by many elements, you could assemble it whatever you wants for the design.

It is really light weight and foldable for only 2.4 kg or lesser per each unit, and it’s very stronger can take 25 kg plus before it bend.


You do not need to waiting for carpenter spend long time to build their showground any more. You could have your own booth for the show which just need in few hours by yourself.

Low cost, high quality, Repetitive to use, Environmental protection, it can be designed many kind of different booths for different occasions.

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